• Perth, Western Australia

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The Holy Bagel is Perth’s premier bagel wholesaler, specialising in boiled bagels and flavoured cream cheese. The Holy Bagel can supply your food outlet with all your needs required to serve our delicious bagels.

In 2013 we had an idea...to bring proper bagels to Western Australia.

There was only one place in the world where we could learn all we could about them, so we packed our bags and headed to New York to learn from the experts. Not only did we bring back a wealth of knowledge, we shipped back the genuine traditional machinery to make our bagels.

We are all about creating the best product we can. We take the time to prove our bagels, boil and bake them in the traditional way.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Unit 12, 110 Bannister Rd, Canning Vale, WA

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